Contemporary solutions for achieving better health

Recognising a need for a unique offering that addresses nutritional and general health concerns, The Drip Clinic was established by a team of medical healthcare professionals who had a vision of providing contemporary solutions for all patients who seek achieving better health and wellness. We offer a combination of healthcare services that are personalised to suit your lifestyle and needs.

The Drip Clinic Consulting Rooms

When visiting us at The Drip Clinic, you will meet with one of our professionals to discuss your concerns, medical history and the best treatment options available. Our offices are warm, friendly and professional.  Through the consultation process, we will provide you with the information and insight to the different services and treatment options, how to achieve your desired outcome and address and any health concerns you may have.

Sr Natalie Agostinho

Registered Nurse and Mid-Wife

Following her studies and practical internship, Natalie worked as a nurse in several public and private medical facilities. She completed her training and practised as a midwife for a couple of years, during which time she gained intimate knowledge and understanding of the physiological processes women experience during pregnancy and childbirth. Her scope does not end here, Natalie gained further knowledge through her studies and was lead for the Travel Clinic and Baby Clinic.

Natalie later advanced her career in Aesthetic Laser treatments, under the scholarship of several renowned Aesthetic Specialist’s in the specialist field of non-surgical laser therapies.

Natalie has always had an interest in health, nutrition and woman health concerns. She has reached new heights and has become Co-Owner of Medi Femme and The Drip Clinic. She has extensive experience in and understanding of the female biology and brings to the clinic both instinctive and acquired knowledge, experience and understanding of the complex aspects of female physiology and psychology.

Natalie has a passion for health and nutrition and can provide guidance for men, woman and children.

Dr Erin Muller

General Practitioner

In early 2018, The Drip Clinic welcomed Dr Erin Muller as our General Practitioner. She has a passion for patient centred medicine where the opportunity exists to interact and develop a caring relationship with patients. Dr Muller has worked in Private Practice and in an adult HIV Clinic in a provincial hospital.

As a General Practitioner Dr Muller is exposed to a wide array of patients and clinical conditions and she has a passion for working with HIV and enjoys interacting with children.

During her time working in the immunology clinic, she had experience in preparing, initiating and managing persons diagnosed with HIV. She has had the opportunity to manage a number of HIV and ARV related complications, in addition to working closely with her colleagues to improve the policies of the clinic to achieve improved compliance amongst the patients attending the clinic. She believes that HIV medicine and the correct treatment therein is an integral part of the effective management of AIDS-related diseases in Southern Africa.

Dr Muller is hard working, motivated, and dedicated, and believes in operating according to a strict moral code. Dr Muller endeavours to always put the best interests of the patient first, and strongly believes in helping her fellow man, be it a colleague or patient. During her time in both private and provincial posts, Dr Muller is eager to learn from her peers and continually develop herself and her career in this profession. She prides herself on collaborating, learning from every experience and providing quality care to her patients. She believes that, in order to be a successful doctor, a balanced lifestyle is also important, and enjoys a variety of sporting, social and cultural interests.

Sr Candice Phipps

Registered Nurse and Mid-Wife

Sr Candice graduated from the University of Johannesburg in 2011 where she qualified as a Registered Nurse and Midwife. Sr Candice has worked in both public and private facilities and has found a passion for maternal and children’s health.

She has completed several certifications since completing her degree and include Start Early Intervention training course, Phlebotomy, Vaccinology and Brightstar training. Sr Candice has special interest in health, nutrition and improving lifestyle.

Candice believes in providing the superior service and relationship development which is backed by her experience, her knowledge and her passion. Sr Candice can provide guidance to men, woman and children at our Constantia Kloof, JHB branch.

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