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Introducing - The Pocket Rocket Drip

Packed with basic water-soluble vitamins including
Vitamin B complex & 
Vitamin C For only R450!

IV Vitamin Drips

At The Drip Clinic we provide a range of IV Vitamin Drips to aid health, wellness and lifestyle. Our cocktail drips have combinations of vitamins to boost your energy levels, aid vitality and your general well being.

We offer free consultation costs and appointments are available by scheduled appointments from Monday to Friday and alternative Saturdays. Safe, reliable and effective solution for anyone over the age of 13 years and the best part…it only takes 30 mins.

What is a Vitamin Drip?

The long history of safety and efficacy, the Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Drip delivers vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to the body for maximum absorption. Through this process, the nutrients are delivered through your body enabling it to nourish itself at a cellular level.

The benefits are endless and differ depending on which cocktail you choose but most experience an increase in energy, improvement in sleep, improvement in mood, hydration, assisting reducing stress and anxiety, improved skin and increase of immunity.

Family Medical Services

In early 2018, The Drip Clinic welcomed Dr Erin Muller as our General Practitioner. She has a passion for healthcare and believes in a patient centered practice where the opportunity exists to interact and develop a caring relationship with patients.

Dr Muller has worked in Private Practice and in a provincial hospital in an adult HIV Clinic. Dr Muller provides a holistic and personalised approach to patient care and believes that consultation should not be rushed.

Dr Muller has a special interest in HIV, whole family and children’s health and works closely with Sr Natalie Agostinho to provide a combination of therapies aimed at better health and wellness.

The benefits of the IV Vitamin drips go beyond proactive wellness, it can assist with managing and treating chronic conditions as well. We offer a multi-disciplinary approach whereby we utilise our combined skills to assist each and every one of our patients to reach optimal health.

Your first wellness clinic specializing in intravenous
micro-nutrient therapy.

Maximise your vitality today!

For more information on our drips and services, Contact Us Here!

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